Making History
Michigan State University Pompon was the first ever traditional Mid American style pompon team formally established at the collegiate level. Since the team’s creation in 2005, numerous other collegiate programs have been formed. We are thrilled at the growth of the sport at the collegiate level & hope that other programs will continue to emerge. We are very proud to be the first!

Philosophy & ObjectivecrestREVISED - clear background
Michigan State University Pompon was founded to provide those with a passion for the sport of pompon the opportunity to continue learning & performing beyond the high school level.

MSU Pompon strives to promote value through team unity, enthusiasm, school spirit and loyalty, community involvement, and philanthropic endeavors.  Our program provides a supportive academic and athletic environment for the students involved by teaching life skills including time management, the importance of collaboration, responsibility, and outreach.  Overall, the goal of MSU Pompon is to serve as positive role models and ambassadors of Michigan State University and the sport of pompon.

A non-profit organization, MSU Pompon functions solely on fundraising efforts, sponsorships & donations.

MSU Pompon is recognized as a competitive student organization
club sport, affiliated with the MSU Rec Sports Department.

Team Members
Team members are selected for their exceptional performance skills, outstanding showmanship, ability to work with others, academic good standing, and by displaying a sense of professionalism. MSU Pompon represents Michigan State University at various events and appearances throughout the year, showcasing their talent & school spirit!

MSU Pompon requires a significant time commitment, high level of dedication, and should be considered a top priority of team members. MSU Pompon team members must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA and be a *full time student.

*Students of senior status who do not need to take 12 credits based on graduation requirements/needs are only required to take the minimum 6 credits (criteria est. by MAPP)

Mid American Pompon Competition Rules
– Team members must be between the ages of 17 and 24 years of age at the time of competition.
– A minimum of 6 team members is required for competition.
– All team members must be currently enrolled in college courses at the time of competition. Trade schools do not apply.
– Team members must carry a minimum of 8-10 credit hours per semester**
– Participants must be able to submit proof of current enrollment if requested.
– Team members must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA***
– Participating team members are not required to attend the same college****
– Teams that are made up of members that attend more than one school must be indicated on the competition roster submitted to MAPP.

**See MSU Pompon rule listed under “Team Members” section
***See MSU Pompon rule listed under “Team Members” section
****Per Michigan State University ruling, all members must be students at Michigan State University. No exceptions.

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