Team Training

Please email us at to request a Team Training with MSU Pompon!

In need of an outside opinion, or fresh set of eyes when cleaning or critiquing your routine? Stuck on a piece of choreography that doesn’t seem to be working? Looking for new ways to train, or simply a different voice and perspective to assist with athlete / routine preparation?

We can help with your team’s original routines for camp, High Kick, Regionals, or State Championships!

Our experienced team members and coaching staff are available to come and work with your team!
14492409_10154046671926676_2961549325621029521_nOur team members and/or coaches are available to lend their years of expertise in individual & team training, creative choreography creation, and valued problem solving to your program. Their hands-on approach to training will help prepare your team for their season, special performance, or competition routine.

Our team members coaching staff are focused on establishing quality relationships and witness positive results by the end of just one session. Click here to learn more about the coaches backgrounds and qualifications.



$50/ hour for an MSU Pompon Team Member

$75/ hour for an MSU Pompon Coach


We require at least 2 MSU Pompon members for your team training so that we are able to fully see the routines and to be able to collaborate on ideas. You are able to have just team members, just coaches, or a combination of both! The more eyes and perspectives, the better!