Private Team Clinic

Please email us at to request a Private Team Clinic with MSU Pompon!

11934960_10153249576291676_8268649860491247866_nInterested in receiving extra team training in addition to summer camp and your normal conditioning / skill practices?

MSU Pompon has created custom workshops for numerous teams that have focused on specific team needs and problem areas. Our team members work closely with yours to provide personal attention and specific corrections, tips, and suggestions for a more tailored and beneficial training.

MSU Pompon creates each clinic individually based on the team’s needs. The drills and routines we provide include:


  • Dynamic warm up / conditioning prep
  • Drills to better your pompon skills – with a focus on form, precision, technique
  • Kickline drills – with a focus on form, height, and execution
  • Muscular endurance training
  • Jump drills – with a focus on height and flexibility
  • How to work as a team to critique each other in a positive and effective way
  • A day of fun and bonding with your teammates and MSU Pompon!

$15/ Team Member

All Private Team Clinics require a minimum of 2.5 hours for a warm up and time for drills. We send approximately 1 MSU Pompon Team Member per 5 pommers to work with in order to provide feedback to small groups.