Private Team Clinics

11934960_10153249576291676_8268649860491247866_nInterested in receiving extra team training in addition to summer camp and your normal conditioning / skill practices?

MSU Pompon has created custom workshops for numerous teams that have focused on specific team needs and problem areas. Our team members work closely with yours to provide personal attention and specific corrections, tips, and suggestions for a more tailored and beneficial training.

We come to your location to make the clinic easier on your team.

Whether your team wants to improve their kickline skills, work on speed learning, or need to spend extra time mastering pom basics, we are happy to help!

For more information, or to design your custom clinic, please contact Assistant Coach Danielle Cowper at

“My team works hard and has great dedication, but we all need that extra push, that extra reason to give more, as we approach competition season. MSU Pompon and the clinic they ran for us was that extra push. They came in with tons of energy, positive spirits, and fresh eyes that gave the team a new understanding of their own routine. Having collegiate pommers excited about your routine and the talents of your team revitalizes the confidence and passion in the choreography. The strides my team made during the 3 hours were amazing, and the team was genuinely excited to keep pushing through because they could feel the progress they were making. I also appreciated that the MSU Pompon team members talked to my team during water breaks about their majors in college, their hopes for the future, and offered guidance about different careers to my team. Truly a wonderful experience and I will be sure to have MSU Pompon return!” – Shelby Putnam, Head Coach John Glenn Varsity

“Private team clinics are always an enjoyable, worthwhile experience. We get to hone in on the varying needs of each team to elevate them to be their best. Having been in their place before, I enjoy working private team clinics because I have the opportunity to relate to the girls’ experiences and give them the knowledge I have personally learned in order to help them improve. The growth I see just from the beginning of our clinics to the end is what’s most impressive to me – the difference is profound and exciting. Not to mention, the bond we create and being a point person they can look up to is priceless feeling.” – Catherine Bacon, MSU Pompon sophomore

“Bringing MSU Pompon in for a private team clinic was exactly what my team needed to go the extra mile this season. Their attention to detail and individual feedback made an immense impact on refining our routine. From a coach standpoint, having their outside perspective helped us to focus our energy on what made the greatest impact, rather than getting stuck on what we thought were problem areas. Our experience with MSU Pompon was priceless. They left my team feeling motivated and stronger, which ultimately helped them to attain their team goals for the season.” – Devan Dodge, Head Coach Grand Ledge

“Working at private team clinics allow me to spend time with the younger generation of pompon girls and share my knowledge that I’ve learned throughout the years with other teams. The experience at each private team clinic is one-of-a-kind; no two clinics are alike. I enjoy catering to the teams’ needs and pushing them towards being the team they strive to be. Seeing the growth of the teams we work with from the time our clinics take place to watching them at competition is beyond rewarding. I especially love learning from the teams we work with. Their motivation and drive inspires me to work harder towards being the role model they look up to.” – Stacie Kussro, MSU Pompon sophomore

“Working with MSU Pompon has been and amazing experience for our team.  It has helped us to improve our overall form, kicks and jumps. They always pay attention to detail and help us work past an area that we are stuck on. MSU Pompon has helped to us become a stronger team. Our program has truly benefited from having these private team trainings.  We can not thank them enough for all their time and we can’t wait to have them back.”
– Tammie Whitmore, Head Coach Hartland Varsity