Mini Camp

Have a 2 day Mini Camp with MSU Pompon! This is a great way to bond as a team during summer months and really focus on building skills before entering competition season, for an affordable price!

Choose 2 of the 3 following options:

Routine Instruction

Have members of MSU Pompon teach you a routine that you can use at football games, basketball games, and other events! These routines are choreographed in an easy to learn style, with chorus repeating which makes it easy to learn!

Routine instruction is 4 hours, and is $20 per team member.

Skills Clinic

Skills Clinics focus on basic drills such as kicks and jump drills, and form, execution, and sharpness. We will split your team into small groups and they will get individualized help from a MSU Pompon Team Member. We will provide a warmup routine, and all of the drills.

Clinics are a standard of 3 hours long and are $15 per team member.

Team Training

Interested in receiving help on your team’s original routines before camp, High Kick, Regionals, or State Championships? MSU Pompon Team Members or coaches are available to give an extra set of eyes to help with choreography, formations, and cleaning/drilling routines to get the competition ready! These team training sessions can be however long you would like. You can select if you would like MSU Pompon Team Members or coaches to attend, or a mix of both! We suggest having at least 2 MSU Pompon members in attendance to be able to fully provide feedback and ideas.

Team trainings are a standard of 2 hours and cost $50/ hour for a MSU Pompon Team Member and $75/ hour for a MSU Pompon Coach.

Interested in a Mini Camp? Email us at! Want something similar to what is detailed above, but what to customize it to fit your team’s needs? We are happy to chat and do our best to accommodate your needs and create a plan!